Zayla’s story is a parallel universe to my journey through anxiety and agoraphobia

I created her as a distraction when I was finding it hard to sleep one night

Many of her experiences are based on true events that happened in my life

Some things are still happening in real life as I write them

Zayla’s perspective of the world, and her ability to cope with it, are ever evolving

But in the darkest times when it feels like there is no hope, the sun courageously rises

This is a story about healing and being brave when your moon is just a thin crescent

It’s about learning to befriend the shadows, rediscovering life despite fear

Maybe you’re learning about courage and healing too

Perhaps your moon is dark at the moment

As this story unfolds layer by layer, let it inspire you to find the stars in your own ‘night’

Courage is born from vulnerability

Life is too precious to spend it in the shadows

So let’s be brave

Let’s see where this adventure takes us…