Off with the blankets. On with the fluffy slippers

Open curtains. Open mouth in a wide yawn

Trip on pile of books in doorway. Stumble towards bathroom

Open bathroom cabinet. Shower warming up

Steam fogging the mirror. Shut shower door

The scent of coconut shower gel

Open shower door. Reach for fluffy towel

Favorite skirt. T-shirt.

Stockings. Shoes. Lip gloss. Hairbrush. Far too much hairspray

Radio on. Kettle on. Dance towards fridge

Check the clock. 7.37am. Sip coffee. Too hot

Toaster pops. Butter spreads. Three mouthfuls. Four

So hungry. Can eat at the airport. Crumbs rinsed off plate

Plant watered. Pick up books from floor

Passport…. where is that passport?? Keys. Purse. Phone.

Cram everything into suitcase. Zip won’t budge

Clock reads 7.59

So late!! Sitting on suitcase. Zip closes at last

Suitcase weighs as much as a small continent

Passport found under bed

Remember to write a note for Mrs Ambrose

Pleasewater…. begonia…. here is… spare key…’re …. a …. star

I owe you ….a chocolate cake

Oooh!! Phone charger. Undo zipper on suitcase slightly. Re-zip

Toothbrush!! No more room in suitcase

Shove glow in the dark toothbrush in pocket of skirt. Windows closed

Grab library books, note and keys, suitcase, passport

Security alarm set… 3….2…..1…..

Squeeze through front door, turn to pull it closed. Click

Slide note and key under Mrs Ambroses’ door

Deep breath. Let the adventure begin!