The next person to borrow this book would find a most curious scene in the photo on Page Thirty One

Perhaps she should clean up the mess she had made, but she was not keen on the idea of turning around

As she stepped away from the picture, her clothes and shoes once again felt as clean and dry as they had when she left home an hour ago

Zayla made her way past the ingredients list, towards the page number in the corner

Leaning cautiously, Zayla peered over the side hoping to see a familiar pavement below. But instead she discovered that the book was on top of a wooden table

The only way down seemed to be the silky page marker which was secured to the binding

It was the width of a dinner plate and as long as Mrs Ambrose’s driveway. Pulling the ribbon behind her, she nudged it over the side, a narrow cascade of frayed satin

Kneeling on the outer margin, she wrapped her left arm around the ribbon, and began sliding down down down… until her feet touched the wooden surface

As soon as she let go, she was no longer the height of an egg carton. She was once again full sized Zayla, which made it feel very inappropriate to be standing on a table

Down she jumped, landing on the floor with a 🌞 thud

She was definitely going to warn the 🌑 about this book, it was not at all what she had ⭐️