As her arm stretched out in front of her to brace the fall, she turned to find something or someone to hold onto

But there was nobody there. Not a person in sight

No taxi driver. No one walking their labradoodle

No library, no coffee store

She was alone in this moment of falling

The silence was overwhelming

She waited for the impact of the concrete but it never came

Instead she found herself immersed in jello, soaked from head to toe and unable to breathe

When she tried to fight her way to the surface it felt as though she was sinking deeper and deeper

She realised she must have fallen into the recipe book on page thirty one

She was stuck inside the photograph

This must be Step Three in the recipe because the jello was still warm and only half set

A faint light shone through the red goo above her, and she kicked her feet to swim towards it

Her hands collided with a slippery layer of hardened gelatin, and she pierced a hole in it with a desperate fist, finding relief at the cold fresh air above her

She pressed her face against the small window she had created and inhaled lungfuls of frosty cold air

How wonderful to breathe, despite everything else

This day was turning out much differently than she had intended

But perhaps she could still make her flight on time

Breathe. Just breathe

It was dark but not pitch black

The light above her was weak but enough to illuminate the objects around her

With sticky hands she carved a bigger hole the width of her shoulders

and gathered all the strength she could find to pull her soggy self

up through the pierced jello and onto the semi-set surface

Cold frigid air above her, warm sticky ooze beneath her

Within an hour or two this bowl of red liquid would be completely solid

She was grateful to narrowly avoid becoming someone’s dessert