23:19. Not an ounce of sleepiness

She really should remember to return those library books before she went on vacation

Zayla threw off her blankets and began to tiptoe across the carpet,

to nudge her borrowed pile of fiction, travel guides and recipes

from the edge of the rug to the centre of the doorway, using the side of her foot

The blue tassel of a bookmark cascaded from the final chapter of a hardcover book

which sat at the top of the pile

Curiosity got the better of her. She reached down to retrieve the travel guide,

carrying it back towards the bed

Since she was already wide awake, she may as well read her way back to sleep

Her mind overflowed with anticipatory joy for tomorrow’s trip,

like a child on Christmas Eve, eager for sunrise and everything that the day ahead would bring

Zayla tugged the bed covers up to her chin and reached for the switch

Moon light was replaced by lamp light