Clues for Page One 🔐

CLUE ONE: How I wonder what you are

CLUE TWO: The day of Frig

CLUE THREE: The title of the album by Ocean Stirs on X-Kalay

CLUE FOUR: Not empty

CLUE FIVE: Eight comes after eleven

CLUE SEVEN: Mr Phelps loves to do this

CLUE SIX: Each peach pear…

CLUE EIGHT: Sounds like hello

CLUE NINE: It’s just not right

CLUE TEN: Paralume

CLUE ELEVEN: Oh oh oh oh, all the shawtys in the club

CLUE TWELVE: Incertidumbre

CLUE THIRTEEN: A 2010 book by Sally Murphy

CLUE FOURTEEN: Song by Vintage Culture x Maxi Jazz


CLUE SIXTEEN: Zero degrees longitude

CLUE SEVENTEEN: A TV series about Lucky and Meg

CLUE EIGHTEEN: How to make an American… 1995

CLUE NINETEEN: …and sensibility

CLUE TWENTY: Natz EFX song 2022