Clues for Page Four πŸ”

CLUE SIXTY ONE: How ________ brown cow

CLUE SIXTY TWO: Michael Jordan’s uniform number for the Chicago Bulls

CLUE SIXTY THREE: Well she was just ___________, you know what I mean

CLUE SIXTY FOUR: 2013 film starring Sam Worthington

CLUE SIXTY FIVE: ‘______________ Closed Doors’ by B.A. Paris

CLUE SIXTY SIX: (find this clue in the Page Three story video)

CLUE SIXTY SEVEN: The ___________ Plane in Thylea, also known as the Waveless Sea

CLUE SIXTY EIGHT: 40 Ways to Wear _________ Bangs by Byrdie

CLUE SIXTY NINE: GolvlΓ€ngds gardiner

CLUE SEVENTY: The name of Track 4 on Nato Caliph’s ‘Knowledge Cipher’ album

CLUE SEVENTY ONE: Ventilateur de plafond

CLUE SEVENTY TWO: Malala’s __________ _________ by Malala Yousafzai

CLUE SEVENTY THREE: Book 4 in the ‘Rose of Petrichoria’ series by Katie Hauenstein

CLUE SEVENTY FOUR: A rotating hub and radiating blades that are set at a pitch to form a helical spiral

CLUE SEVENTY FIVE: 2023 film directed by Jean-François Richet

CLUE SEVENTY SIX: The Book of ___________ by Rob McLennan

CLUE SEVENTY SEVEN: 2021 film directed by Santhosh Viswanath

CLUE SEVENTY EIGHT: A hybrid camber is a type of snow _________